ZERO360 is designed to provide personalized one-on-one assistance for patients who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer to address the physical, practical and emotional needs associated with their diagnosis.

ZERO360 is staffed by an experienced team of case managers who provide individualized service to prostate cancer patients, their caregivers and their providers.

ZERO360 Services Include:

Financial Aid

  • Negotiating free or reduced drug or treatment access
  • Navigating patients to appropriate resources for required co-payment, co-insurance, premium or deductibles
  • Navigating patients to appropriate resources for cost-of-living  support

Screening and Enrollment

  • Brokering resources to supplement the limits of insurance and to assure access to care for the uninsured
  • Investigate appropriate insurance coverage options, including Marketplace/Exchange products, Medicaid, Medicare Parts A, B, C and D and COBRA
  • Assistance with Social Security Disability (SSI or SSDI) or state and/or employer based disability benefits

Insurance Navigation Services

  • Review of health insurance benefits and plan language, including coverage of clinical trials or second opinions
  • Securing pre-authorization for prescribed care
  • Facilitating insurance appeal process at all levels
  • Resolving coding and billing issues

Employment Benefits Services

  • Education on employer sponsored benefits such as short and long term disability and COBRA
  • Education on employee protections such as FMLA, ADA

Other Needs

  • Referrals to appropriate emotional and psychosocial support  services
  • Provision of  relevant educational materials

All services are provided at no charge to the patient. All services are provided through phone and/or email communication with assigned ZERO360 contact.