Welcome to ZERO360

ZERO360 is a comprehensive patient support hotline designed to provide assistance to patients who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. From diagnosis to survivorship, this free service is here for patients and their families as they navigate their prostate cancer journey.

If you are receiving or seeking care for prostate cancer and need help, call our professional case managers at (844) 244-1309 or complete the form here to get started.


My case manager has been amazing in the support she has provided … I had a procedure to ablate my prostate cancer and it was not covered … I decided to file my own claim … following the initial denial I found the Patient Advocate Foundation, connected with my case manager, and from that point on felt more relaxed since I had someone who knows the methods on filing advanced claims … I saw the wisdom and thoughtfulness of her appeals and appreciated it very much … I let my urologist, friends and other people know of the PAF … I did receive some reimbursement … that is where her help was so important, carefully crafting responses and gathering all necessary documents is something I do not know if I could have handled alone … so the bottom line is that I fully appreciate the work of the PAF and are glad they are around to help in these matter. 

Roy | prostate cancer